Simone Bononi


Simone Bononi

Simone B. Bononi is an English and Portuguese teacher and entrepreneur. She has been teaching people from all around the world for 19 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Portuguese and owns a Language school in São Paulo, Brazil. Her students are executives from multinationals and their families who need to learn the language of their new company and new country.


Languages are fun! – English course – Pre-Intermediate

Learn and practice English in a fun and relaxed environment. Music, reading, role play! Everything to motivate you to be able to speak with confidence and achieve your goals. Would you like to travel the world? Or study in a well-known university? Come with me and I will take you there!

Business World in English – English course – Pre-Intermediate

Do you need to go to a job interview in English? Not feeling very confident about it? Do not worry! This course will help you navigate into the English for business and help you to conquer the best job positions out there!

Latin Languages – Portuguese – Intro to Brazilian Portuguese

Don’t you want to travel to Brazil and explore all its beautiful scenarios, meet friendly people and have a lot of fun? If you answer yes, this course is for you! Come and learn this beautiful language and its colorful culture.

Brazilian Portuguese and Culture – Intro to Brazilian Portuguese

Would you like to know more about Brazil, its language and culture? Only 10% of Brazilians speak English and, it will be very helpful to learn Portuguese before visiting the country or doing business with them. Learn how to communicate, its business and social etiquette and much more.