Jorge Luis Sanchez


Jorge Luis Sanchez

Jorge Luis Sanchez is the founder of the biggest salsa community in the RGV called “Salsa con Son.” He has participated as a guest instructor at the International Monterrey Salsa & Bachata Congress, RGV Latin Dance Festival and BKS Texas. Mr. Sanchez continues to be a guest instructor at Havana Bar & Grill as well as in other events around Texas and Mexico. Courses: Salsa & Bachata Dance Instruction for beginners

Jorge “Yoshi” Sanchez has over seven years’ experience in Latin dance and has grown within the dance community as an instructor and performer. Yoshi is the founder of Salsa con Son, an international online dance community that gets invited to perform and teach at international events, as well as the artistic director of the dance team by the same name.


Dance Lessons (Bachata, Cumbia & Salsa)


Only 7 seats left
Ages 16+
Wednesdays 5:45pm-7:45pm
February 12-March 25, 2020
Class will consist of 6 progressive sessions of 2h each, with a one hour class every time and 30 minutes for practice and questions.  The first 3 classes will be cumbia, then 3 classes of bachata and we finish of with 2 salsa lessons.  By the end of the course, you will be confident to go to the club, quinceañera or wedding and bust out some moves! More Info »

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