Creative Arts Studio


Creative Arts Studio

Creative Arts Studio is a collective of local artists empowering our communities through fine arts education. They seek to inspire talent for community development, as they believe in the power of art to ignite social change, growth in understanding, and advancement in human consciousness. Courses: Learn to play-Bajo Sexto Learn to play-El Acordeón

Creative Arts Studio is a collective of artists empowering our community through fine arts in education. By means of Music, Theater, Art and Dance they seek to inspire talents to ignite social change in our community with the ultimate objective of growth in human consciousness. Their curriculums are specifically developed for any community member who wants to grow through the arts.

Creative Arts Studio has partnered and led diverse fine arts programs in education institutions such as: Idea Public Schools, Horizon Montessori, Hidalgo ISD, and Pharr Oratory of St Philip Pontifical Right.

They are constantly participating at community events and their students are extremely encouraged to explore the performance aspect of learning an art discipline.


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